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George Elvin, PhD, LEED AP, Owner, Gone Studio

HI Design EMEA Speaker 2012 2nd March 2012

Nanotechnology, the design of materials at the molecular scale, is changing the face of interior design. Already, luminous nanofilms are turning entire walls and ceilings into sources of light, nanoparticle coatings are making buildings self-cleaning and VOC-eating, and nanofilm solar panels are turning entire buildings into solar collectors. But with these advances come new concerns about their effects on people and the environment. Join George Elvin, PhD, LEED AP for a glimpse of some of the hundreds of building products currently using nanotechnology and a look ahead at next generation nanotechnologies. Together you'll explore the technology behind the nano-revolution, what it means for the future of building, and what risks it may bring.

Dr. George Elvin
is a designer, author and international speaker sharing insights on next-generation green technologies with executive architects, designers and organizations worldwide. His books and articles have been published by Wiley, Princeton Architectural Press, the American Society of Civil Engineers and many others. He has a Ph.D. in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, is a LEED-accredited professional, and ran a successful design-build firm in Washington D.C. for ten years. Dr. Elvin has been a visiting fellow at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, and is currently an associate professor at Ball State University in Indiana. He is the owner of Gone Studio, a post-petroleum design company, pioneering zero-plastic, zero-waste, zero-energy manufacturing to create a new line of environmentally friendly products.

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