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HI Design EMEA 12 - Review.

Full Review of this year's European Event. 31st July 2012

Every year we ask our event attendees to provide detailed feedback on their HI Design experience. This helps us to see things more clearly from your side - an essential aspect in fine-tuning our event. Some comments and figures also make us punch the air in delight - thank you for all your kind and constructive insight.

You'll find the full HI Design EMEA 2012 Review here. We've provided some highlights below (non-edited, of course). For those who haven't yet experienced their first HI Design, we hope these stats and comments go some way to show why HI Design is considered the most effective business forum in the Hotel Interior Design industry.

We also got some great interviews from some of the people who were there. Some were regular attendees and others were experiencing their first HI Design. Take a look:


Paul Koppers from Vescom
Gerk Van der Poll from OT Design
Filip Geldhof from Parador
Caroline Wolterink from Kobe Fabrics


Simon Kilcaid from Conran and Partners
Theo Nicolaou from Broadway Malyan
Alain Kallas from Jumeirah

Here are just a few of the Testimonials received:


"First time we were asked for real quotations" - Frank Hornbruch, Schulte Elektrotechnik

"2 specific specifications due to Hi design 2012" - Caroline Wolterink, Kobe

"We already have strong indications from at least three companies that they intend to specify our products in the very near future" - Andy Dancaster, Royal MOSA Tiles

"We've been offered a project as a direct result of a meeting, so we have high hopes for this one. Other buyers made very encouraging comments and we've heard many times that they would like to work with us and we'll be contacted if a suitable project arises. We have many leads to follow up on" - Jenny Graham, MC Art Ltd


"Brilliant contacts, brilliant location, excellent organisation,exhausting but truly outstanding event for any Hotel Design Company. Thank you for the invitation." -  Elizabeth Bull, Aedas Interiors

"Very useful event, probably the best I have been to. Excellent networking tool." - Florent Duperrin, Gensler

"Simply brilliant, well organised, brilliant location, good networking opportunities. I would not change anything. Thank you for considering us." Patricia Muzlay, Wimberly Interiors (WATG)

And finally, some stats - because we know you love them. We'll let them speak for themselves:

95% of Buyer delegates either strongly agree or agree that HI DESIGN is an excellent investment of their time.

97.3% of delegates said HI DESIGN EMEA either exceeded their expectation or met their expectation.

93.4% of Suppliers agree that HI DESIGN provides a really effective platform for doing business.

96.7% of Suppliers would recommend HI DESIGN as an effective alternative to a traditional trade show.

94.4% of Buyer delegates agree that HI DESIGN really helps designers with confirmed hospitality projects to develop relationships with the right partners.

98.2% of all delegates rated the meetings as either excellent or very good.

86.2% of Suppliers said they are definitely or likely to be specified for future projects.

If you want to find out more about HI Design EMEA 13, please just ask.

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